Can I dig a well in my backyard?

Can I dig a well in my backyard?

Good water supply is very important when we talk about long-standing survival. Digging your own well once was commonplace, today a little less common but it's a good idea, no doubt about that. It is also a very difficult task, no matter where is your position on the so-called water table. Of course, some places are better suited for drilling than others. If you ever wonder about digging well in your backyard this article may help you. 

Is it legal to dig your own well?

Keep in mind that it could be illegal. there are a few rules that may put a limit on your right to do whatever you want with water. All this is because of diseases or illnesses that can develop. Suspicious water is hazardous and you should be aware of that unless you are sure it's clean and healthy. Bacteria problems can appear suddenly. You can always test your water. The first step will be calling the EPA's Safe Drinking Water hotline which will connect you to your local water testing agency. 

Some useful tips for drilling

The first important decision you need to make is where to dig or drill. You need to pay attention to a few things. Firstly, stay away from septic models because the chances of pollution are much bigger near these areas. Getting to close can mean you will get water that is elevated in fecal coliform and get sick if you or anyone drink it. Stay away from marshy and swampy areas too. It is almost impossible to dig in the mud and probably you will get a lot of dirty water. Stay away from culvert lines as well. Although culvert lines would never trickle there is always a chance, so stay at least 50 feet from any culvert line while digging. Also, locate your well where drainage is good. If it's possible try to choose a bit higher elevation. 

Sterilizing  your well

When you drill the drillers generally chlorinate the well and you need to run a lot of water through your system to get this smell and test out. You can also use bleach or oxygen sweeper to sterilize your well. Oxygen sweeper breaks down quickly after sanitizing so there is no bad smell or taste. You can find the main ingredient in bulk and run it down your well. One or two boxes of oxygen sweeper should be enough for not especially deep well. 

Final thoughts

Digging a well is a great idea for your backyard. You will have clean, fresh water every day but there are some rules and regulations you must obey while doing it. Be sure to test your water after the job is done and don't drink it before results.