Backyard54 is an online publication that went live in early 2020.

If you own a large yard or garden you are in the right place.

Our main goal is to offer detailed informations, tips and reviews related to the yard, garden and everything related to it.

If you want to work with us or have a suggestion please contact us.

Editors and Contributors

  • Leonard Bartlett

    Although he works as an IT specialist, he tries to spend every free moment in the garden or in the yard working on various DIY projects.
    Leonard currently has a large backyard and a small garden and plans to change it in the near future :)

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  • Evelyn Moore

    From a young age in contact with the garden that her father maintained, so it's not surprising that she fell in love with gardening herself.
    When her children let her, she likes to write about the garden, the yard, or anything related to the outdoor.